Hydraulic equipment cut model

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C106G-PCP  斜板式ピストン・ポンプ
C106Ge-PCP  Piston pump Swash Plate type

■製品説明:Product Description:

Size ,Weight : 255x205x195mm 8kg

It helps you understand the structure of the swash plate type piston pump. The rotation of the shaft causes the cylinder block to rotate, and this rotation causes the piston in the cylinder block to reciprocate to perform suction and discharge operations.

Size, Weight: 255x205x195mm 8kg

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C110G-3PC ベーン・ポンプ
C110Ge-3PC Vane Pump

■製品説明:Product Description:

Size ,Weight : 195x175x230mm 3.9kg

It helps you understand the structure of the vane pump, and you can understand the mechanism by which the vane is driven by the rotation of the drive shaft and the oil on the suction port side is carried to the discharge port every half rotation of the rotor.

Size, Weight: 195x175x230mm 3.9kg

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C190G-PCV  パイロット・チェック・バルブ
C190Ge-PCV  Pilot Check valve

■製品説明:Product Description:

Size ,Weight :205x145x95mm 2.9kg

It helps you understand the structure of the pilot check valve.
Normally, oil is passed only in one direction like the check valve, but it can be made to flow backward by pushing up the check valve by the pilot pressure from the outside.

Size, Weight: 205x145x95mm 2.9kg

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C191G-ICV  インライン・チェックバルブ
C191Ge-ICV  Inline Check Valve

■製品説明:Product Description:

Size ,Weight :160x95x65mm 400g

This is a cut model of an in-line type check valve that flows only in the axial direction.
With a given cracking pressure, it allows oil to pass freely in one direction but blocks the flow of oil in the opposite direction.

Size, Weight: 160x95x65mm 400g

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C192G-SNV リリーフバルブ
C192Ge-SNV Relief Valve

■製品説明:Product Description:

Size ,Weight :205x150x180mm 2.8kg

It helps you understand the structural function of the relief valve.
It controls the maximum pressure of the hydraulic circuit and also works as a safety valve.
When the oil pressure on the power cylinder side exceeds the specified value, the relief valve is opened by the oil pressure, and a part of the oil is released to the oil reservoir.

Size, Weight: 205x150x180mm 2.8kg

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C193G-DCV 減圧弁
C193Ge-DCV Reducing Valve

■製品説明:Product Description:

Size ,Weight :205x150x180mm 3.3kg

This is a cut model to help you understand the structure of the pressure reducing valve.
It is used when some circuits are used at a lower pressure than the main circuit. Even if the pressure of the primary side main circuit fluctuates, the decompressed secondary side pressure is automatically adjusted to maintain a constant pressure.

Size, Weight: 205x150x180mm 3.3kg

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C194G-SCV シーケンスチェックバルブ
C194Ge-SCV Sequence Check Valve

■製品説明:Product Description:

Size ,Weight :205x150x90mm 2.5kg

This is a cut model to help you understand the structure of the sequencecheck valve.
The sequence check valve is a valve that controls the circuit pressure.
To adjust the pressure, loosen the locknut, turn the adjustment bolt to the rightto increase the pressure, and turn it to the left to decrease it.

Size, Weight: 205x150x90mm 2.5kg