Undercarriage Track System


■注文番号 製品名:Order number Product name:
D10G-UDC  アンダーキャレッジ模型
D10Ge-UDC Undercarriage Track System Model  
■製品説明: Product Description:
This model faithfully reproduces the functions of the undercarriage system sothat the causes of wear and troubles in its various parts can be fully undestood.
You are , therefore, requested to use this model to acquire a correctunderstanding of these problems and thereby becomecapable of respondingsatisfactorily to the many questions customers have, if you do, you will surelywin the deep trust and confidence of your customers.
Should you wish to learn in more detaill about the operation of theundercarriage system(particularly as to how the sprocket and the bushingengage one another), you are advised to refer to field manual KFM043 as youoperate this model.

With instruction manual

サイズ :690x370x50mm 重量:3kg